donderdag 2 januari 2014

A sky full of stars

Ever wondered what would happen if all the lights in a city would turn off? Well, it would look something like this.
These pictures are made by Thierry Cohen, a photographer who currently lives in Paris. He made these pictures in his series "Villes Enteintes", which means darkened cities.
The stars you see are not just randomly selected, because Cohen matched the cities with a place which get to see the same stars, but where you can actually see them. To do this he makes calculations concerning angle of view, longitude and latitude. He works very precise.

All these images make me think about how the world would be if we didn't build so many cities, or if we turned of all the lights at specific moments. Because of the way we live right now we miss out on so many awesome nature events, like the stars. What if we were able to see this every night? Wouldn't that be beautiful?

To read more about the series by Thierry Cohen, you can visit THIS LINK. Or go to Cohen's website right HERE.

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